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Adeptus Ridiculous Sweatpants - Pile of Shame

Adeptus Ridiculous Sweatpants - Pile of Shame

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Our "Pile of Shame" collection is random misprints during the creation process. The clothing item is brand new condition, but the graphics all have slight mistakes in them. You will not be getting a product that looks exactly like the pictures, it will be slightly different. 


Our sweatpants debut! A cuffless and soft dream that feels incredible to lounge around in. The ADRIC logo is made of a heat transfer puff that allows it to pop out of the fabric and is somewhat addicting to run your hands over. 

Disclaimer: The 3XL pants are from a different manufacturer, as the XS-2XL don't offer 3XL. While we believe they are equal in terms of comfort, you might notice a difference if you bought different sizes so we wanted to make that clear!



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